Chandrasekhar Buddha

Last Updated on June 10, 2022

Buddha Chandrasekhar is a unique combination of Technologies, Ideas, Multi-domain business knowledge, Entrepreneur, Leader with a Go-getter attitude.

Buddha Chandrasekhar focusing on strategy, technology, and business transformation. He is an expert in managing advanced technologies, processes, cybersecurity, and people. Buddha Chandrasekhar Architected 180+ technology-based systems.

Buddha Chandrasekhar leading Ministry of Education National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) Initiative, Internship Enterprise Portal, Artificial Intelligence Language translation project, Indian Knowledge Systems, distributed 450 Crore free digital content to Higher Education Students and leading various student up-skilling initiatives.

He has hands-on experience in Software, IT, Education, Smart Cities, Critical Infrastructure, Urban, Finance, Skill development, Healthcare, and Telecommunication domains

Buddha Chandrasekhar’s focus is to grow the customer base, profit margins and ensure operational effectiveness while driving the implementation of policies and standards that align with the Company’s vision and business philosophy.

Chandra was in the USA for 6 years in those 5 years of offshore-onsite project management and architect experience.

• C-Level Experience :

As founder of Software Company and Start-up created new revenues and clients from different countries. Handling Strategic & Tactical Planning, P&L Management, Budgeting, Commercial Negotiations, Operations Management, People Management, Resource Planning & Control, Brand Management, Product Management.

• Technology & Management Experience :

As Senior Software IT Systems Architect & Senior Project Manager executed complex Business intelligence, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Cybersecurity, Bigdata, Web, Mobile, Enterprise, and Internet of Things projects.

• Pre-sales Skills:

Driven and showcased business value from technology-based structural quality findings and thus maps it to a business case that would justify ROI for investment with prospects and end customers. Worked on RFP and Pre-sale activities.

• Business performance:

Converted business plans into robust operating plans. Delivered on agreed performance metrics to ensure customer commitments are met within estimate costs and time frames.

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